Building a world of confidence from the outside in.

Skin by Savi is a DMK Skin Revision clinic offering DMK Enzyme Therapy treatments and hair removal.

Building a world of confidence from the outside in.

Skin by Savi is a DMK Skin Revision clinic that offers DMK Enzyme Therapy treatments and hair removal.

First Time Client Specials

Buy 2 Enzyme Therapy treatments and get free homecare kit $299 or 20% off first Enzyme Therapy treatment

Skin By Savi | Licensed Esthetician in Ventura, CA

Savi is a licensed esthetician and DMK skin revision therapist based in Ventura, California offering expert skincare services. If you are experiencing acne, congestion, dryness, dehydration, sun damage, pigmentation, rosacea or even fine lines and wrinkles, Skin by Savi can help you overcome your skincare concerns with your commitment to achieve the skin of your dreams.

Enzyme Therapy is a process designed to help get the skin back to how nature intended, in a state of homeostasis. Each treatment aims to restore health and normal cell functioning deep within the skin. Enzyme treatments are highly advanced and use a systematic and scientific approach to skin revision. We strive to restore balance within the skin by eliminating free radical damage and by forming an antioxidant system in order to create the healthiest state possible for maintaining life long results.


Unmatched Paramedical Skincare Services

Skin is the human body’s largest and most complex organ, it’s a naturally protective barrier that shields us from the outside world. Skin protects us from external and environmental elements such as bacteria, microorganisms and sun exposure. To maintain the best optimum skin health, one must understand how skin works. That’s where Skin by Savi comes in, a skincare specialist providing unmatched paramedical skincare services.

DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatments

Think of your skin as a cell making factory. What you can physically see on the surface of skin is only symptomatic of what is occurring deep within on a cellular level. So do you see breakouts/acne, sun spots/pigmentation, fine lines/wrinkles? These are all external indications that the cellular factory isn’t working optimally. Unlike traditional cosmetic style facials, DMK Enzyme Therapy treatments work with the body’s natural chemistry to re-educate the skin on a cellular level to function at its peak. Enzyme therapy is an advanced and innovative strategy to correcting skin conditions by working on the structure and function of skin to create a happy and balanced environment for optimal skin health. 


Transform Your Skin with Skin by Savi in Ventura

Savanah Stockton is a licensed esthetician who attended the reputable San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology and received her Esthetician’s license from the state of California. Savanah is driven by discoveries she has made on her own skincare journey, and wants people to know that there is a real solution to their skin problems that will last a lifetime. She works to help her clients achieve their skincare goals, and she can help you as well.

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