Why You Should Try DMK

Why You Should Try DMK

While there are many different skincare lines available to try, DMK stands out because of their philosophy on skin. DMK is known for Enzyme Therapy treatments which is much more progressive than your average facial. Enzyme therapy is an advanced scientific process in rebuilding skin. The goal of Enzyme therapy is to get to the core problem of any skin condition on a cellular level to revise it for an improved quality of skin. There are 3 major reasons why DMK will give you the skin you desire; 1. DMK treatments rebuild skin. 2. Enzyme treatments work on a cellular level. 3. DMK treatments and formulations match the body’s natural chemistry.

Rebuilding Skin

Your average skincare line only works topically or superficially on the skin not ever really getting to the core problem. DMK enzyme therapy treatments work with the skin to help correct skin conditions. Any skin condition you see physically on the skin is only symptomatic of what is occurring deep within internally. Acne, pigmentation, aging and even sensitive skin such as rosacea all start on a cellular level because some internal function is not performing correctly or harmoniously. Each treatment aims to restore and strengthen the skin to a healthier state than it was before. 

Enzymes On A Cellular Level

DMK is the only skincare company in the world to utilize transfer messenger enzymes. These are not your average enzymes that only work topically on the skin, these enzymes work on a functional and cellular level in skin to initiate cellular communication. These enzymes are are highly beneficial for removing toxins, debris and bacteria from the skin in order to get the skin to a healthy state. Skin will not function at its peak if all the internal functions on a cellular level are not working properly. So each DMK treatment contains an enzyme masque that re-trains skin on a cellular level to perform properly and optimally. 

Matches the Body’s Chemistry 

The human body will not accept or absorb something it does not understand but will respond in a positive manner to chemistry it recognizes. DMK enzyme therapy treatments help aid the body on a structural and functional level by matching its formulations with the body’s natural chemistry. Enzyme therapy improves skin functioning on a cellular level by enhancing physiological processes such as oxygenation, circulation and lymphatic drainage. Detoxifying the body’s system through lymphatic drainage and improving oxygenation and circulation in the body are key factors in revising skin conditions. 

Each time you get an enzyme therapy treatment it retrains your skin just like a muscle working out. Enzyme therapy treatments are beneficial for any type of skin condition and can help anyone achieve the skin they desire. Skin is a complex organ but can be revised with patience and dedication. I am a committed esthetician and DMK therapist who provides advanced skincare services. I am excited and ready to help those on their skincare journey who are struggling with conditions such as acne or hormonal breakouts, congestion, aging or dryness, pigmentation or even highly sensitive skin. 

Schedule a consultation with me at my clinic in Ventura for you to try your first Enzyme therapy treatment. I will assess your skin type and create a long term plan for your specific skin condition and will guide you to clearer, more youthful, healthy skin. Enzyme Therapy treatments give you the skin you deserve, located at Skin by Savi in Ventura, California. 

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