DMK Enzyme Therapy

Skin by Savi offers Enzyme Therapy treatments in Ventura, Ca for true skin revision. Savi is a skincare expert that offers paramedical skincare services.


Our DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatments


All skin conditions are created from a disharmony from within the skin. Environmental factors, aging, genetics, medication and diet all play a major role in how skin looks and functions. So if you are experiencing acne, scarring, discoloration/pigmentation, wrinkles or even sensitivity such as rosacea, these conditions can all be revised to a healthy state.

DMK is the leading company in paramedical skincare and is intended for anyone who desires healthy, vibrant skin. Paramedical skincare services work on a functional and cellular level where enzymes occur naturally and aim to restore the health for normal cell functioning. Our objective is to ensure the cells internal biochemical reactions are functioning optimally for beautiful, vibrant skin. 

Structure of The Skin


Enzymes are nature’s biological catalysts that orchestrate all molecular activity in the skin and body. DMK is the only skincare company in the world that utilizes transfer-messenger enzymes. They are living substances that regulate health and also help initiate an increase in free water levels within the skin. The process of Enzyme Therapy includes providing skin with the proper nutrients that it recognizes, stimulating collagen production and restoring a healthy acid mantle. Enzyme Therapy gets to the core problem and addresses the skin on a cellular level. Skin is a type of tissue and has memory, it will respond like a muscle “working out”. Enzyme treatments naturally re-establish and preserve the skins barrier through a transepidermal delivery of highly concentrated plant based ingredients.

DMK Enzyme Therapy treatments are designed to return skin to its natural and healthiest state possible. Enzyme therapy is a step by step process which includes removing what should not be there such as toxins and bacteria, then aims to rebuild new skin with the proper hydration, nutrients and antioxidants in order for the skin to thrive. The human body uses skin to eliminate and expel toxins, dirt and any debris that is harmful to our physiology. Each enzyme treatment will assist the body with inner-cellular communication in order to repair skin for true skin revision. 

The living cells of the body do not accept any chemical, natural or synthesized ingredients that they do not recognize as their own genetic blueprint. The body needs to be able to recognize the ingredients in order to get the full benefits. Our treatments match it’s formulations with the body’s chemistry as closely as possible so that the body responds in a positive manner. Enzyme treatments work with the body’s physiological processes such as the circulatory and lymphatic systems. This means each treatment concentrates on improving the delivery of oxygenated blood and lymphatic drainage. Blood is the true nourishment for the skin as it carries all essential nutrients, minerals and even oxygen to ensure the cell’s have a healthy and sustainable environment. Lack of oxygen, water and poor blood circulation will not allow the skin to function at its peak. 

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Savanah Stockton is a licensed esthetician who attended the reputable San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology and received her Esthetician’s license from the state of California. Savanah is driven by discoveries she has made on her own skincare journey, and wants people to know that there is a real solution to their skin problems that will last a lifetime. She works to help her clients achieve their skincare goals, and she can help you as well.

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